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Courtesy call to Sabah Development Bank Berhad
Posted on 11 October 2022

From left: Ms Raina Wong, Ms Nancy Fung, Mr Patrick Ambrose, Mr Edward Yong, Datuk Vincent Pung, Datuk Seri Panglima Wong Khen Thau, Mr Micheal Hing, Ms Stella Liew, Pn Dayang Surianti Daud, Ms Ampuan Nurhameezah and Ms Marie Bernadette



SABAH DEVELOPMENT BANK TOWER, KOTA KINABALU – The SIE2023 team was led by Datuk Seri Panglima Wong Khen Thau (Immediate Past Chairman of MICCI and Hon. Life President of FSI), joined by Mr Micheal Hing, Ms Stella Liew, Pn Dayang Surianti Daud, Ms Ampuan Nurhameezah and Ms Marie Bernadette.

The Sabah Development Bank Berhad team was led by Datuk Vincent Pung, joined by Mr Edward Yong, Mr Patrick Ambrose, Ms Nancy Fung and Ms Raina Wong.

The meeting began with introductory remarks from both sides.

DSP Wong informed Datuk Vincent on Sabah International Expo 2023 (SIE2023) and shared with him the goals and objectives of the expo, right after he introduced the members of MICCI and FSI. He then briefed Datuk Vincent on both of the organisations roles of this event. DSP also mentioned on Sabah Business Luncheon Talk that it would be held as a joint event of SIE2023. He informed Datuk Vincent that, for this year the event will be featuring 2 different keynote speakers and that they target to bring internationally renowned speakers to give a talk on some topics of choice.

During the meeting, Datuk Vincent and his team mentioned that they would be considering supporting and providing monetary sponsorship of SIE2023 but would like to have some time to look at the proposal and have further discussion about it. They mentioned that they needed some time as they are undergoing some changes and will only be able to review and discuss after the matter. They said that they will only be able to give an answer, earliest, by the end of this year.

Some suggestion that Datuk Vincent and his team offered for SIE2023:

  • Prepare two sessions from 2 different keynote speakers that should talk about interesting topics that can get the audience eager to come and listen.
  • Invite public figures such as Tan Sri Andrew Chang, Prof. James Chin of Tasmania University & Etc.
  • Prepare a simple document of historical support that the Sabah Government has given for Sabah International Expo proposal. Make sure to keep the document as simple with important points only.
  • Acquire the government support and sponsorship for the exposition.

Actions to be taken are as follow:

  • Taken up the sponsorship matter with the person in charge.
  • The SIE Committee will review the suggestions given by Datuk Vincent and act accordingly.
  • Will get the Document ready for the next courtesy call on SKN.

The courtesy call ended at 11.30 AM with a photo session with Datuk Vincent and his team.

Prepared by,
SIE Secretariat.